Bully Dog Testimonials

I installed an intake kit in 15 minutes and it added 1-2 mpg and made a world of difference in power.
Tommy Soapes
San Angelo, TX

Installation was a breeze and the instructions for installation couldn't be any better. I'm so impressed with this chip. The shifts are smooth and this think definitely kicks it in the right gear when you ask for it.

Santa Cruz, CA

I installed one of these systems in my 2005 F-550 with the 6.0. My main purpose was hoping for a big fuel increase like my dad and brother got with the 7.3s. I only got around .5 to .8 and was thinking of selling the unit. I have had it now about 2 months and won't part with it. I recommend this to anywone. I now have plenty of power going up hills. The unit still lets me use the tow/haul mode from Ford and I haul in performance and extreme mostly as this is where the best fuel mileage is. I weigh 10,800 empty and I can now easily out accellerate my dads F-250 gas job. (he has an F-350 diesel too). I advise anyone to invest the extra money and get the PMT because of the ease of use, screen size with good readablity and ease of installation. Very simple. The directions were also very good from the factory manual and customer support actually seemed like they like us calling them for information. It was a pleasure talking to someone that wanted to talk with me.

James Ricker
Sanford, MAINE



I just installed the pmt in my 08 duramax LMM. I absolutely love this thing. On the stock setting my turbo was only giving 18-19 lbs of boost and wasnt constant, but on the performance setting I get 22 lbs of boost until I let off the throttle. Also I am getting an average of about 3 mpg better fuel economy... Needless to say this thing does work and it is well worth the money. I can't wait for bully dog to make more stuff for the 08 LMM duramax.

kyle lawson
fort smith, ARKANSAS

I have an 03' 2500hd cummins with a 6" lift and 35-14.5 on 18's on it and let me tell ya the triple dog makes it feel like it's a vette or something I have spanked a few mustang GT's so far the look on there faces when a big lifted up truck blowin smoke beating them is priceless THANKS BULLYDOG FOR A GREAT!!!!! PRODUCT

Steve Hawkins
Bloomington, IN

I have a 5" exhaust, cold air, and the triple dog. On the high setting, this Duramax is unbelivable. On the low setting I can get 20.5 mpg. Before was 18 at best. Crazy Larry is next with 200 nos. Hold ON!!!!

Bristol, N.H.

I just installed the Bully Dog Triple Dog on my 03 Dodge 2500 with the Cummins ISB 250 in it and all I can say is...WOW!! I haven't had it long enough to figure out any mileage yet, but the power gains are frickin amazing. A slight tap on the accelerator and it comes to life with a mighty roar from the straight pipe and puff of beautiful black smoke...

Rick S.
La Joya , TX

Wow! It's not often that you actualy get what you pay for! I have an '06 chevy 1500 2wd with the 5.3. It has a 10" lift on 35's with a K&N and 3" catback flowmaster. I Still have the stock 3.73 posi. Now with the Bully Dog I can actually spin the 35's! The acceleration from 0-80 is unbeleivable(that used to take for ever). Now I can't wait to pull up next to a HEMI or Titan! Bully Dog is worth the money then some....

Mike Evensen
Victorville, CA

Just installed it into a '05 ram 1500 and all I can say if WOW. More power, transmision shifts smother, lots of extras. Product is great!!

Schaghticoke, NEW YORK

Installed unit and wow! Low-end torque setting allows truck to drive like a car. Meaning power is there when you step on the peddle. Fuel consumption much better. Went from 750km/tank to 1200kms/tank. Have had no complaints yet.

Glen Brown
Beaumont, ALBERTA

My truck is mostly stock except for the exhaust and a filter.  I put this module on it...now it is rare to get passed with or without a trailer.  Oh yeah, but sure to turn it bad weather, kinda hairy!

Roger Hall
Forest Lake, MN

Bully Dog, this is not so much product feedback as it is customer tech support feedback.  Today I had the best experience with on of your tech support individuals that I have ever had.  My question is, can I get the name and e-mail address of the ownedr or president of Bully Dog so that I may write him or her a letter about my extreme satisfaction with the gentleman that helped me today?  Thanks, Rex

Rex Hartmann
Mesa, AZ

I got to say Bully Dog is the baddest around.  I've had it all, but nothing compares to Bully Dog.  Me and my buddy Louie are real big into diesels and we are always battleing it out with each other, but now that I got the Power Pup he doesn't stand a chance.  I'm going to have to buy some stickers to show everyone why their getting left behind.  Thanks Bully Dog.

Edgar Springs, MO

I just installed the Power Pup in my '06 Z71 Silverado.  Performance mode is sick, I'm for sure gonna need some new tires after today.  I haven't tried the Tow mode yet but that will be next.  I don't see how you guys get better fuel economy, my foot is on the floor the whole time.

Las Vegas, NV

I have a 2000 F-350 SWB and I put the 4 Bank Chip on it.  I was amazed at the power it has now.  My buddy had an '05 Dodge Cummins, dyno proven 550 hp and 1100 ft. lbs. of torque.  My stroker killed it, I was definitely impressed.  I would recommend to anyone wanting to add some serious power to ther Stroker.

Neola, UT

I have an '05 GMC Duramax Diesel 2500 HD.  Got 25-28 mpg on a trip with the Crazy Larry download.  Couldn't believe the power and tire smoking ability.  Can't wait to get this thing on the dyno.

Eric Wilson
Hellertown, PA

I installed the Triple Dog Programmer with the OutLook Monitor and Pod.  I also installed the 5" exhaust.  The system was very easy to install.  The power gain and fuel mileage is incredible.  I gianed 8 mpg on the highway and 5 in town and towing.  I tow around 14,000 lbs. every day.  My 6.0L Ford will scream now.  Thanks Bully Dog.

Shane Prine
Orange, TX

The PMT surpasses every other monitoring unit I've ever used or installed.   It is very user friendly, easy installation, and flawless performance.   I can't wait for further updates to enable full function for this already INCREDIBLE all-in-one performance package.   EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!

J. Bontrager

With the ability to go from stock to Extreme this little black box rocks.  And throw in the ability to check and erase check engine codes, this is one sweet addition to any truck.

Kory Merrill
Big Bear City, CA

I just put the Triple Dog on my '05 Dodge 2500 and I have to say it's INSANE!  I tried it on all settings than I downloaded Crazy Larry.  I am going to the track tomorrow night to see what its got on all the settings.  It increased mpg and tons and tons of black smoke.  I strongly recommend this product to anyone with a diesel motor thats crazy about power and performance.

Dan Smiles
Cream Ridge, NJ

I would like to commend one of your employees.  After frustration with your tech support I finally reached John in customer service.  He was great in getting me downloaded and had my Triple Dog running in no time...You need more people like John in your company.

Jim Cotten
Yantis, TX

I was a die hard Edge fan.  After running numerous Edge products I decided to install the Bully Dog PMT on my '06 LBZ Duramax.  All I can say is WOW!  It looks great and the performance is second to none.  I would recommend this product to anyone wanting better performance and mileage.  I would recommend to drop the competition and go with the Big Dog.

Brad Fairchild

I downloaded the Triple Dog and installed the OutLook Monitor in about 45 minutes, pyro took about 1 hour.  The unit runs great.  I like that the OutLook is small and compact, it doesn't take up a lot of room.  Order the custom pod, paint it your interior color and it looks like factory.  Thanks Bully Dog!!

PS  I have seen up to 4 MPG increase set on Tow/Economy

Robert K.

I just wanted to say that this years events were awesome.  From the dyno event to the races and pulls.  Seems that every year they get better and better.  I had family come from Kansas to watch this show.  I am already looking forward to next year.  Thanks again for a great event.

Jeremiah Hernandez

This Power Pup made my day.  It woke the new Ford 6.4L Power Stroke up BIG TIME.  Better fuel economy and much better performance out of the hole.

Jason Gorr
Toledo, OH

This thing made my 6.0L diesel wake up and get on its feet a lot faster and I have got about 4 mpg better rujnning the 50% mode.

Mackenzie, BC

I just got the Triple Dog downloader for my '05 Dodge Cummins and it is amazing.  I just wanted to say if you buy from this company you don't have to worry about the item you bought because the tech department are the best in the industry.  Thanks for all your help Nick.  Frome now on I'm going with Bully Dog.

Scottsburg, IN

If you like to blow black smoke all over everybody THESE ARE YOUR INJECTORS. I use them in a daily driver. I've put 30,000 miles since installing them, no problems so far.

James Diehl
Enterprise, AL

Well, I gave it a couple of weeks with the tuner installed on my bone stock 2004 2500HD CCSB.  Wow only begins to explain the difference in the drivability of the truck.  It used to be a slouch when driving around my home town which is the side of a canyon wall.  The firmer shifting is the most noticeable change.  The positive feel lets me know there is a motor under the hood.  Used to be my 4.7L in my Dodge had more punch off the line than my 6.0L in the Chevy.  Now its hold on tight with 92 Octane Performance setting.  I have also used the Towing Economy setting to tow our 26' travel trailer that weighs in over 6000 lbs.  The gas mileage is greatly improved over stock towing mode.  This truck was a dog towing up hills going to the Oregon Coast .  Now it really does not dog out going up the hills to the same degree.  There was also a 2 mpg gain while towing with the Power Pup in Tow Economy, which is great, especially with gas prices only going up at this point.  I now feel that it was the right choice to purchase the Bully Dog Power Pup Gas and will suggest it to those who ask to buy it also.

Hood River
, OR

I previously had the Edge programmer and monitor in my 2002 Ford.   I really liked its performance.   People told me I should try this brand, so I did on my new Dodge.   I am very satisfied; I really like its overall setup and performance better than Edge!   Its versatility and performance are the best Iíve seen yet.   Being able to tune any manufactures vehicle is a real plus.   I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend.

Troy Whitney
Glendale, AZ

I needed more horsepower without losing reliability and better gas mileage.   After installing the RFI and the Stainless Steel exhaust it was evident that it is the best addition to my truck so far.   It works better than I ever imagined.   All I need now is an XL Bully Dog T-shirt so I can show off my products even out of the truck.   I would recommend Bully Dog to a friend because they give the most horsepower, best customer service, and itís the safest to use.

Chris Griffin
Ragley, LA

I wanted more power for towing a 7200 lb. 5 th wheel in the mountains.   I got it from the Triple Dog.   It is much easier to use/load than the comparable Edge programmer.   I love the ease of use and lack of problems with compatibility.   I traded my Edge Evolution that Iíd had several programming issues in; the dealer wanted to make his word good and said he wanted me to try the Bully Dog product.   I would definitely recommend this product to a friend, its very easy to use, great tech. support, and it supplies what it promises.

James Davis
Pendleton, IN

I wanted more power and better performance.   When I put the Triple Dog onto my truck I thought it was excellent.   I would recommend this product over any product of this type.

Trent Belding
Hobart, OK

Bully Dog Never Stops.   I have a '07 MEGA-CAB 4x4 loaded.   If you want the BEST buy the Performance Management Tool (PMT).   User friendly, Power SCARRY FAST!   But controllable!   This is my 4th BDDL and it won't be the LAST!

Jim Craig
Bedford , IN

The PMT is awesome; it has been the product that I have been asked the most questions about ever.   The functionality of the unit is spectacular, the screen graphics are very clean, the readouts are large, and the buttons are big and easy to push.   The unit itself is easy to install (45 min.), has the capability of running two pyrometers for post turbo and pre-turbo applications, and the display mounts to the A-pillar so you're not getting large blind spots, like you do with typical dash mounted units.   This is Bully Dog's best product to date.

Chad Hall

I recently purchased the Torque Dog 65 Hp Adjustable for my 2000 Dodge one ton 4x4.   For 258,000 miles the average mileage has been 14.5 mpg.   Over the last 2000 miles my truck now gets 20.9 mpg.   I pull horses a lot but haven't had the opportunity to check the mileage with horses in tow, or check the promised Hp.   The fuel mileage was worth the purchase price alone.   Thanks Bully Dog for making a great product.

Jerry Foster
Boynton , OK

I have sold and used Bully Dog products for many years.   This PMT is easier to install and use than any other gauge that I have ever installed.   Plus you get the tuning ease and flexibility like the Triple Dog.   My truck runs great and the unit looks good on the dash too!

Von Leefers

I just had the Bully Dog PMT installed on my '06 Dodge Ram 5.9L and this thing rocks.   It's easy to use and even easier to see.   The color display works great.   The touch screen is not functional yet, but will come as an update later.   It's easy to use and it has a lot of safety defueling built in that can be set to your liking.   It has a memory card (SD card) that goes in like a camera and it has a USB to SD card adapter that you put the memory card in if your computer does not have a media card reader.   You can then just stick the adapter in the USB port like a flash drive for Internet Updates.   The back lighting for the screen and the buttons are separately adjustable.   And the power...I sometimes feel bad for embarrassing people at stoplights, lol.   Also, what a difference the Tow setting makes when I tow my 26' travel trailer.

H. Castle
Allegan , MI

This thing is the best programmer on the market for a Hemi.   I had a Hypertech, and compared to this one Hypertech just didn't cut it.   I also have a K&N Cold Air Intake, Dual Flowmaster Exhaust, and headers.   With this programmer my Hemi will burn rubber in third gear, that's why 24" wheels.   Thank ya'll for building this programmer.

Michael Barrett
Shreveport , LA

I have a '06 GMC 2500 Duramax.   I set the program to the Performance setting.   I increased my gas mileage by 4 MPG.   I enjoy the smoother shifting as well.   I am pleased with the product and the improved performance.   I just added the exhaust system and I can't wait to reap the benefits.

Brentwood , CA

'07 Duramax van, WOW!!   How many people have been beaten by a van?   Well there's going to a lot now.   On Performance 2 @ 3700 ft. dyno run.   At the rear wheels 409 hp and 758 ft.-lbs. of torque.   Ya Hooo!!

Marty Halmazna
Calgary , AL ( Canada )

I Have A 2003 Chevy 1500hd That I Pull Well Over The Max Trailer Limit With. Your Power Pup Didn't Just Help The Truck It Made It A Truck. Until I Installed The Power Pup For The Gas 6.0 I Was Having A Time Getting Up To The Posted 60 Mph, With The Program Installed I Now Can Set Cruse At The Posted Speed Limit With Plenty Of Room For More Power.. Thanks For You Time And Research Keep Up The Super Work.

Toby H.
Conroe , TX

This cannot be the same Truck.   I thought my 2005 Dodge diesel had power before, but I never thought a 5.9L Cummins would be able to put out that much power.   Extreme is too much for me.   I will stick with the performance setting, unless I am towing.   Thanks Guys.   You are above everyone else.

Joe Lappi
Gallitzzin , PA

This is an awesome Product.   The Dodge Hemi Gas Power Pup lets me haul @$%...   Everyone needs one.

Jeff Vogel

I recently installed the Bully Dog Power pup in my 2005 Chevy Silverado Z71 with the 5.3 V8.   The install was a little lengthy due to the removal of 9 fuses, but all in all a very easy install.   This product is very worth the little extra time.   I noticed immediate performance improvements!   The shift points and firmness of the shifts is spot on.   The extra power is very noticeable.   I can not wait to see how my fuel economy will improve, once I get over the feeling of the extra ponies under my foot.   I have tried other programmers and so far this one was the easiest to use and gave the best immediate performance results. Great job Bully Dog!!!

Steve Carpenter
Willimantic , CT

I read all the testimonials and I was a bit nervous even after I met a guy who raved about the Triple Dog.   I just installed Version 2.3.8 on my '07 Dodge Cummins Mega Cab and told my wife I was going around the block.   I should have said around the town.   The Triple Dog is the very best investment one could make on any diesel it supports.   I'm like a little kid right now "wild with excitement" and just want to go back out and get on it.   Just sit back and hold on.   I don't even think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight...a great-great product.

Jerry Sauder
Tucson , AZ

I've had my Bully Dog Gas Power Pup for my 2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71, 5.31 engine now for about a month.   I'm even more impressed no than I was after I first installed the program.   The Power mode is just amazing.   I prefer the Tow mode for both transmission settings to get better fuel mileage.   I still use the Premium mode for my engine/fuel since I use 91 octane.   I just can not say enough about your computer technicians.   When I first bought my Bully Dog Programmer it already had an update waiting for it.   This was nice to know that Bully Dog is keeping up on the updates. Today, 04/19/07, I was notified that there was yet another update.   This is awesome that the Bully Dog Program that is now installed on my home computer lets me know if there are any updates so long as my computer is turned on.   Well, the update today was even more than I expected.   I downloaded it and 10 minutes later after downloading it to my home computer I had it installed onto my Tahoe.   I see that the Bully Dog Technicians have added another program to the Power Pup Gas Downloader.   I can now also set my tire size.   This is an added benefit since I do have on after market off road tires that are larger than the original factory tires.   I haven't taken it out for a ride yet since I downloaded the updates onto my Tahoe's computer, but plan on doing it as soon as I write this message to say thank you again guys.   I'll see you at the Corr this weekend in Palmdale California .

John Quinn
California City , CA

I have a '04 F-250 auto with a 6" lift and 36" tires and 4.56 gears.   I am able to smoke my tires off the line.   I can't believe the increase in hp.   Nobody will even race me.   Before the Triple Dog I could not even accelerate to change lanes at 60 mph without a good distance in traffic.   Now I have to make sure the roads not wet so I don't lose control of it on the Extreme "Crazy Larry" program.   Bully Dog, keep up the good work!!!


I own a '06 Dodge 2500 4x4 quad cab 5.9L diesel.   I installed the 5" Rapid Flow Exhaust System, Triple Dog Downloader, OutLook Monitor and the RFI Air cleaner System.   I could not believe the power difference!   I also plan to install a Torque Dog Module.   I tow a 24' enclosed trailer full of lawn equipment all day, 6 days a week and the towing difference is unbelievable.   I have seen a 2 to 3 mile per gallon increase with the trailer and a 4 to 5 mile per gallon increase without it.   I love to play on my off time and the Extreme setting does just the trick.   A true Bully Dog fan I am.   The satisfaction of this product is guaranteed to be what you expect and then some.   Install Bully Dog on your truck and become a satisfied customer like me.

Kelly Clay
Concord , GA

The best sound I've heard come from a '96 Ford.   An increase in mileage and power also a huge plus.   Installation sucked, but that's to be expected when you have to push in the firewall to fit the bigger down pipe.   Overall this product was the best thing I've purchased for my Powerstroke!

Andy Schnorf
Casper , WY

I'm glad that I bought the Bully dog Power Pup for my Tahoe.   The performance is awesome.   I had to bring it down to the tow mode from the performance mode because there was just too much power in the power mode.   I have seen at least a 2/3 mpg increase on the highway in tow mode.   I bought my Bully dog at AV Sport Truck in Lancaster , CA .   Another thing that I like about this performance module is that it can be updated.   Mine already had an update waiting for it the day I purchased it.   I'm glad to see that Bully Dog is keeping up with their products and keeping the programs updated, thanks guys.

John Quinn
Lancaster , CA

I just installed the Triple Dog on my '06 Cummins and WOW, what a difference!   I think my wife thought I wrecked my truck when she saw the look on my face after I took it for a test drive.   There is no way that an extended cab long bed 3/4 ton truck should run like that, insane!   Keep up the good work and you can bet you will be seeing more business out of me.

Douglas Moore
Chambersburg , PA

I bought this pipe for my '98 12V, all I've got to say is wow!!!   Not only did it drop my EGT's dramatically, but it gave it a kickin' tone.   Sounds like a straight piped semi truck doing 90 mph on the highway.   This pipe does everything Bully Dog claims it does for you truck.   Excellent product, I've recommended this pipe to all of my friends and co-workers who have the Cummins.

Michael Neuharth
Courtland , CA

Bully Dog Triple Dog Power Pup is a very great downloader for my '06 Dodge Cummins.   It gives me the giddy up and go when I need it.   My dad got in it after I installed it and he was amazed.   It gives me the extra towing horsepower and it helps with a load when I'm going up hills.   Bully Dog, you guys really made a great product and I am looking forward to seeing what you all are going to come out with next.   I will have Bully Dog on all my diesel trucks in the future.   You all are really great!

Josh Bailey
Winchester , KY

I love your products.   I just installed the Power Pup into my 2005 6.0L and WOW!   It's going to be hard to stay out of trouble.

Brandon Santini
Ridgefield , CT

This product is the best system I have ever bought for my 2003 Ford F-250 diesel.   I received everything I expected plus much more.   I have had many different types of chips and programmers, but this Bully Dog system is by far the best system money can buy!!!

Daphne, AL

I bought the Triple Dog for my 2004.5 after the trial period ran out.   It gave me a great boost in power and maxed out at 38 mpg running 55 on a long flat road.   It is also nice to have the ability to upgrade the programming instead of being stuck with the old program and not being able to upgrade.   I recommend it to everyone I know.

Mark Schafman II
Roscoe , IL

Forget about the money you will be spending on this product.   After the first drive with the chip installed you will forget all about it.   I installed they chip in a 2002 F-350 7.3L 4x4 4-door.   I brought the truck with a 4" exhaust already installed and the computer was programmed but the programmer was missing (imagine that).   I talked with Bully Dog tech. support, they suggested a Ford dealership erase and make sure the computer is clear back to stock and install the chip.   Thanks for the great help.   I installed the chip and also an air intake kit at the same time.   Also, the manual that comes with this chip is the best I have seen in years.   After a 45 min. install I took it out and WOW!   I haven't taken it off the high speed setting yet.   Bully Dog is the best thing I have ever bought.   It makes this heave truck fly.   I thank Bully Dog, from a fan/customer!

Jason Haymaker
Ocala , FL

I just wanted to say that Gary and Matt in technical support provided outstanding customer support with my 2006 Dodge Mega cab.   They worked hard, stayed on the line with more for an hour and a half in -2 degree weather recalibrating my stock setting getting me back up and running.   Bully Dog provides excellent support above beyond.   Thanks again and I will recommend your product and service to anyone.

Ed Herndon
Anchorage , AK

Thanks a lot for getting that power for me, it's working great and I love the shift firmness.   I've only tried it on the first level because I don't have premium fuel yet.   Thanks again, I'm loving it!

Billy Roper

I have a 2003 Duramax with after market turbo, intake, headers, 4" exhaust, Power Pup, OutLook Monitor, and a transmission upgrade.   The truck is out their on performance and I love it.   I pull a 34' box trailer with a drag car in it and I don't have any shifting slippage on the transmission gauge even when I'm pulling up the mountains.   Way to go!

Tom Knox
Norfolk , VA

Wow, wow, wow!   2005 F-350 fully loaded with cabinets and welder, very impressive.   4" exhaust and air intake also, wow!

Chris Armstrong
Alberta ( Canada )

I bought the Triple Dog downloader and MAN!!!   This product is awesome.   I am putting down numbers!!!   The response off the throttle is awesome and the power is abundant.   Even with my foot in it 24/7 I am getting 14-15 MPG.   I can't wait till I drive it "normal."   I have a friend with the Banks six gun with power PDA, smoked him and never looked back!   Then we had a truck pull...I pulled him all the way home!!!   This product is phenomenal!!   Oh, and I smoked a friend in a 2007 Chevy Corvette LS6!   Oh ya, ROCK ON Bully Dog, ROCK ON !!!

Brad Mlkulecky
Sacramento , CA

This product is one of a kind.   You can't get any better than the Triple Dog.   Woke my DRW 2007 Ram 3500 up!   Unreal Power!

Jason Farr
Midlothian , TX

My truck has the Triple Dog and I love it.   It is decked out with Bully Dog all over it and I would like to send you a picture.   I just wanted to know where to send it to, thanks.

Ocean Springs , MS

On November 18th the Avondale Campus of UTI held its annual Drag Race home coming event.   As you know we were trying to get our tractor ready for this event.   With your help we did just that.   On November 12th we went to the Speed World Motorplex Track for some test and tune.   On this day our best time was 17.695 ET at 75 mph.   The truck at that time only had the injectors you supplied and the reflash from Cummins.   This brought the hp to 380 from 230.   The week following the tune run we added water/methanol injection with variable boost control.   We mixed the fuel to a 28:1 D2 Peanut oil for added hydrocarbons.   On race day we went back to see what it would do.   It all sounds unconventional at this point but what the heck.   Well to make a long story short WE WON!!!   We beat the little red cobra with a winning run of435 reaction time, 17.105 ET and 79 mph.   At 4.5 tons we were very happy with what we had done.   Thank you for all your support and knowledge.   Next year we hope to be in the low 16 to 15 second range if not faster.

Andrew Mixer
Avondale , AZ

I bought a used '02 LB7 with 305,000 miles for ten thousand dollars.   As it was it still had enough spirit to keep up with new Powerstrokes and Cummins.   With the Bully Dog Downloader the new PSD's and CTD's donít even stand a chance, even when utilizing a programmer.   Thanks Bully Dog.

San Antonio , TX

I just took a trip and ran at 85 mph and got 17.1 mpg.   Then I did the same trip and got 20.1 mpg at 70 mph.   My truck will run like a sports car when I want it to and give me the mileage when I need it to.   Awesome product and highly recommend it to any one looking for power or mpg.

Jason Vanderhoof
Whittier , CA

I have a '02 Avalanche 5.3; it runs like a sports car now and pulls 21 mpg in the city (if I drive it nice).   The Gas Power Pup really helped out with my shifts too, and no speed limiter!   All I can say is...WOW!

Frank Mitchell
Rowlett , TX

bought the Rapid Flow exhaust for my '02 Cummins, it fit better than I expected.   Great sound, it even made my boost more.   One of the best investments I have made.

Portales , NM

This exhaust is Amazing!

Ruidoso , NM

I had a 2006 SRT10; I traded it in for a Cummins Crew Cab 4x4.   The Cummins ran good.   I was talking to a buddy from 3 Wheel Parts and he said that if I thought it ran good to buy the Triple Dog and try it out. This truck now runs better than my viper truck did.   I have let four guys with Cummins Dodges drive mine and they all have gone and bought the Triple Dog.   You guys rock, keep it up!

Ken Barner
Sanford , FL

This product is absolutely incredible.   I would recommend this to everyone with a diesel truck, not just for power/towing, but also as a diagnostic tool.   Shops charge a ridiculous sum of money just to "read" the computer in order to clear trouble codes.   With this equipment you can fix your own truck and save more money.....and go extremely fast in the process.

RFI - excellent fit, easy to install, it came with EVERYTHING I needed, even the screwdriver bit to install.
  Slight increase in turbo spool noise which I think sounds good, didn't really notice more power but got between .5 - 1.5 mpg increase which definitely makes it worth the money.

Moyock , NC

I just wanted to say that your products are awesome and I will always buy them and tell my friends to buy them, thank you for the great products.

Brandon Rosenau
Casper , WY

I just got my Bully Dog Power Pup and loaded it in.   All I've got to say is WOW!

Elvin Goodson
Blackfoot, ID

All I can say is wow!
  I was extremely skeptical about buying a tuner for my truck, but I decided to go with the Triple Dog.   First of all, it all but eliminated the turbo lag on my '06 F-250 and made it a screamer!   I was not at all expecting the performance increase I got from your product.   I'm now going to purchase the OutLook Monitor to go along with the Triple Dog.   Way to go Bully Dog.   After the first day I've already recommended your product to all of my friends and will continue to do so.

Terry Harris
Cedar Park , TX

Bully Dog just had the Triple Dog drop shipped to me.   All I can say is holy cow!   My truck is a tire melting machine.   I can't wait to get more Bully Dog products, thanks.

Mike Yensch
Newport , MI

Where did my truck go?!   After installing the Triple Dog on my 6.0L Powerstroke it turned my truck into a race car!!   Itís unreal that a simple plug and play could do what this has done and now its mostly just play with the added performance.   I haven't even tried the Crazy Larry yet and really don't need to!!!   I will recommend this to everyone!!!   The only performance upgrade I have installed is the Triple Dog.   I have the RFI system on order and the OutLook Monitor for my Triple Dog right now.   I can't wait to get the other performance upgrades on because it can only get better and faster.   You guys ROCK!   Thanks for the great work.

Willis Handshoe
Leburn , KY

I kept hearing about Bully Dog products but I had no idea of the actual gains!   The Triple Dog on my '06 Dodge Ram Mega cab 4 x 4 really made it an incredible all around vehicle.   In Tow setting it pulls my 24' enclosed trailer with a car in it like its nothing (9000 lbs worth).   In Performance setting it thinks itís a performance car!   With the Crazy Larry setting (Extreme) itís just plain insane!   The power is amazing, the MPG went up to 27 on the highway, and 19 in the city.   Best money I ever spent!

Chicago , IL

I have a '04 3500 dually with 23,000 miles on it and I use the Tow setting for daily driving.   My fiend thought his F-150 would outrun my diesel.   It didn't happen and he wasn't very happy about that.   He is now looking to buy himself a diesel truck.

Kris Honeycutt
Davidson , NC

You guys have got to be kidding me!   I have the Triple Dog Downloader and OutLook Monitor Combo on my '04 Dodge 3500 Cummins automatic.   I just installed the latest upgrade with the new low-end torque upload, MAN!   The power is like night and day.   On economy/tow it sits me back in my seat.   On the performance level it roasts the rear tires!   I haven't even tried the third level!   I was driving around yesterday and was having so much fun that I forgot what time it was!   I have tried 4 other diesel tuners, none, I mean NONE come close to the Triple Dog!

Darrell Sniegon
Lexington , SC

I just bought a 6 Position 4 Bank Chip for my '96 Ford F-250 Automatic.   Everything is stock besides the 6 Position 4 Bank Chip.   I was never able to burn my tires before.   I put it on the third setting and lit my tires up into second gear.   The sixth setting is a little scary to say the least.   I was spinning my tires so much that a cloud of smoke was going up to five feet from my tires spinning.   I haven't figured out the gas mileage yet because I just bought and installed it today.

Matthew Wilks
Austin , TX

I have just installed the Triple Dog on my '04 dodge 3500 Cummins, the power is awesome.   I tried Banks Six Gun diesel tuner and was not impressed at all.   After installing this downloader I was blowing black smoke everywhere and lighting up the dual rear wheels.   I also wanted to thank Liberty at Bully Dog for helping me with all the questions I had.   And, I would like to thank Bully Dog for making an awesome product, so thanks Bully Dog.

Billy McCarver
Eddy , TX

I decided to upgrade my '04 6.0L F-250 from the Rapid Power Module with the OutLook Monitor to the Triple Dog Combo and all I can say is WOW!!!   The engineers at Bully Dog Rock!   They are constantly coming out with great toys for my pickup.   Thanks Phil and all of the guys, you are awesome!

Rick Carpentier
Burley, ID

Wow, I have a Cold Air Intake, 4" Exhaust, Transmission Shift Enhancer and the Triple Dog Downloader. I am getting 26 miles to the gallon on the Crazy Larry Setting. Let me tell you, wow! Now I need a new Bully Dog Allison Tranny. All I have to say is bring it on Cummins and bring it on International!

Chad Lovlin
Grande Prairie , TX

AWESOME!!!!   I own a 2001 F250 7.3 Turbo diesel with a 6" suspension lift, and 38 inch tires. When I finally decided to get the 4-Bank chip I was getting NO more than 10.3 mpg city and 14.2 hwy mpg and couldn't burn the tires if it was wet. After receiving the chip in the mail I couldn't wait to see if the chip amounted to all of the other reviews on your site (I was a little skeptical) After the quick install, I was blown away by the quick throttle response. I then put the switch on "HIGH", hit the gas and left skid marks down the driveway and into the street. At "normal" driving my mpg went up to 14.1 city and 18.4 hwy. (I couldn't believe it!) Needless to say Bully Dog has not gained 1 new customer here, but 3! I also had to order 2 other chips for my friends. This chip ROCKS!!!I could kick myself for waiting so long to get one!!!! Awesome, just awesome!!!

New Orleans , LA

I Had Your Free 3 Day Trial Installed Tonight At 4:30 pm. I'm really upset that they closed at 5:30 pm Before I Got through Playing. I Want It Now!!! Not Later!! My '05 Powerstroke Runs Better than It Ever Has and I'm Very Eager for the Shop to Open Tomorrow at 8:00 am. Thanks And Good Work...

Oklahoma City , OK

The Triple Dog is just plain great!!!!   I was getting about 16.0 mpg in town with my '06 3500 stock, now I'm getting 19.0 in town and 21 on the highway.   Great product!!!

Jim Komerek
Bavaria , KS

It's amazing.   I had my Torque Dog put in my truck about a month ago and it's absolutely amazing.   I drive a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 with 36's on it, and not only did it increase my horsepower, it also gave me a big boost in my fuel economy.   I used to get 15.5 mpg and now I get 22.5 mpg.   Thank you guys,

Virginia Beach , VA

Bully Dog 6 Position 4 Bank Chip.....$$$$
Tank of Diesel.................................$65.00
New set of 36" tires.........................$750.00
Speeding Ticket..............................$135.00
The look on the guys face in a GT after leaving him in a cloud of black smoke.......PRICELESS!

New Orleans , LA

Really wakes the tractor up.   8520 and 8320 were pulling the same implement and with the chip on the 8320 it pulled close to the same as the 8520!!

Corpus Christi , TX

I love this [Triple Dog] programmer.   Itís so easy and it adjustable on the fly.   I've smoked so many Duramax's with this power in a box.   I've raced bumper to bumper with the Duramax on the tow/economy, but if I'm going to go all out with the Cummins power, I'll go for the Crazy Larry I downloaded on my box!   Dodge Cummins is the best and most dependable diesel out there.


My Bully Dog unit was stolen from my vehicle on 09-02-06.
  I found out my insurance company does not cover after market purchases for vehicles.   It was truly worth the money and I will be buying another as soon as I can afford to.   Mileage went from an average of 19.9 to 24.7 at 58 MPH.   Finally a product that delivers.   I may be shopping for a new insurance company, but not a performance module like my old Bully Dog.

Barry Cutts

I just installed the Torque Dog in my truck and WOW!!!   It made a tremendous difference in power.   I tow a lot of heavy trailers for my landscaping company and I've noticed a huge difference.   This is an excellent product and I would highly recommend this product to anybody.   Thanks Bully Dog.

Chris Worden
Richmond , VA

This short story will give you the reason why you need them and how cost effective these units are.   When we found the P-1410 was available to us we went to one of our local trucking companies to find out if they thought an accident avoidance system would be cost effective.   This wasn't even a sales call.   We knew them and just wanted to get some feedback about pricing and if they thought a system of this type would be beneficial to a company of their size.   When we told them a price, they became very interested.   When we put the first on in, they became satisfied customers.

The company has over 300 trucks with an annual average out of pocket paying for accidents, a whooping $160,000; with roughly 80% of those accidents occur while backing.   This goes with out the mention of damage to ICC bumpers from driver miss-judging dock distances and slamming into docks.   They will save thousands in labor, diamond plate, channel and welding.   This company thinks $108,000 dollars is the best investment they can make.   With health care and fuel pricing going up they welcomed Bully Dog to potentially save them $96,000 per year.   They estimate backing accidents will reduce by over 60% or higher.

NSX Steve
Farrell , PA

I have a 2000 Ford 7.3L Crew Cab long bed F-350 with a 6" life and 37" mudders.   Letís just say the power was lagging.   My buddy has a brand new Dodge Cummins and loves to just burn me on the streets, but not anymore.   I installed the Power Pup downloader and completely blew him off the road.   He was wondering what kind of chip to buy and I would only recommend Bully Dog, thanks.

Colton Roberson
Alice , TX

I have a '06 Dodge Mega Cab 5.9L.   I tested the fuel mileage bone stock, 17.2 mpg on a good straight stretch.   However, I purchased the Bully Dog Triple Dog Downloader and downloaded Crazy Larry.   In stock mode on a hilly road I got about 14.3 mpg, I switched to tow and got 14.8 mpg, I switched to performance and got about 15.1 mpg, and finally I switched to Crazy Larry and got 21.9 mpg.   All this mpg and power to go with it?!   I strongly recommend this product.

Juan Hernandez
Laredo , TX

I just upgraded to the 2.3.0 and it puts the Crazy Larry to shame.   The difference is day and night.   It fuels harder and shifts harder, it's amazing.   I can turn my 37's in not time.   I got my 1/4 mile time down to 13.5!   I highly recommend the upgrade to anyone who doesn't have it, it will make your had turn!

Johnny Curtice
Vernal, UT

I use to like my truck, but now I love it.
  I pulled up to a light and a BMW 325i was on my right.   He put his window up and pulled a little further forward.   I pulled forward too, he looked over at me and from the look in his eye I knew it was on.   I took off side by side with that BMW.   I hit it and I was gone, I pulled away so fast, oh man what a run.   Thanks Bully Dog.

David Walker

Awesome......simply awesome!   I was running the Edge EZ on my '03 Cummins and decided to upgrade to the Power Pup.   What a difference.   I've got great power, smooth acceleration and black smoke if I want it, great product.   I have been running it on my truck for about one year without any issues.   I highly recommend it.

Donald Lanham, Jr.
Charles Town, WV

First off I just wanted to say that you guys put on a great event this year.   The dyno event went fast and smooth.   The dirt drags were even better then I had expected.   I also wanted to give a big thank you for bringing my broke truck back to my house, so I could get it fixed.   So a big thank you and good job to you guys at Bully Dog.

Jeremiah Hernandez
Lewisville , ID

I have the Power Pup downloader.   The dealer (Tom of Racing and Machines hear in Arizona ) said that was the most pull that he had felt out of any slightly modified diesel truck.


I just bought a '06 Chevy Duramax and started with a Rapid Flow exhaust kit.   I just put it on and WOW!   This product really works.   The sound is a little deeper, but the feel of the power and the look is worth every penny.

I just installed the Triple Dog tuner on my '06 Chevy Duramax and started taking names.
  When you can go 30 miles an hour and punch it and the 13.5" wide tires break loose and leave black marks on the highway, what else can you say but, try and keep up!

Sean Presley
Soldotna , AK

I bought a 2006 6.0L Powerstroke dually and I was impressed with the increased performance over my 1996 7.3L dually.   Then I tried the Power Pup, simply incredible.   Over 4 mpg increase on fuel economy (that's folding money at nearly $3.00 a gallon), tire smoking, neck snapping RAW POWER on extreme!   I can't imagine what Crazy Larry would be like!   Great job guys

Gary Ferguson

I have a '03 Duramax 6.6L and I bought the Triple Dog downloader and downloaded the Crazy Larry program.
  I'm telling you, it's crazy!   I raced a Dodge with a Hemi and smoked him.   No joke!   This is the best downloader on the market, I'll tell you that.

Bradenton , FL

I installed the new version last night on my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L Cummins.   I didn't try it until this morning on my way to work.   It is like driving on wet pavement.   Once I got the hang of it I was able to not spin the tires at every start.   I thought my truck was fast with version 2.2.7, but this new version blows it away.   It's like night and day.

Mike Ciofolo
North Andover , MA

I started racing in the 1/8 mile drag strip.   I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 with a decent amount of modifications.   I noticed the biggest drop in ET after installing the Triple Dog.   My times dropped by almost a full half second with this programmer.   I currently run a stacked system with some other modules.   Hands down this is the cheapest and most effective upgrade I have purchased so far.   If you want serious power and performance this is the way to go.   Oh by the way, I'm not only seeing a power increase, but normal driving I am getting 3 more miles to the gallon as well.   Way to go Bully Dog.

Gary L. Fuzie

We own the 2006 International Show Car Association Champion which was recently crowned in Cincinnati .   It is a 1934 Chevrolet known as the "Instigator", and we pull the car and all of its display in a 36' enclosed gooseneck trailer with our 2005 3/4 ton Chevrolet Duramax truck.   We purchase new vehicles frequently, and therefore have had the opportunity to use several competitive diesel performance products, and we can say without reservation, that the Bullydog Power Pup we currently own is head and shoulders above anything else on the market.   We campaigned our show car at 17 shows since October of 2005 and recently returned to our home.   During the course of these travels, we covered nearly 30,000 miles in the United States and Canada and absolutely swear by our Power Pup.   It has significantly increased the performance of the truck, and I would as far as to say it breathes new life into the truck for towing purposes.   The combined weight of the truck and trailer is approximately 20,000 pounds and we have experienced a tremendous increase in mileage, which is most welcome in light of the high diesel prices.   We wanted your company to know exactly how pleased we are with the Power Pup and that in fact it has done more than what was originally represented.

Richard S. Udell
Swan Lake , MT

Thank you for notifying me that an update to my Triple Dog is available.   I have a 2005 Dodge Cummins with the Triple Dog/OutLook combo.   I can't wait to try out the low end option.   Upgradeability and flexibility is the MAIN reason I chose Bully Dog over the competition.   Thank you for making good on your product promises!

Alex Ekrot

The Bully Dog chip is amazing, I have never had this much power.
  It takes off like a big V10 and hauls butt the whole time.   I can do a burnout just like all the gas rigs can.   You would be stupid to buy any other product.   I can't believe the gas mileage increase; it has improved from 6-8 more mpg when I drive it right (which isn't very often).

Bowie , TX

This is my favorite toy; I put this in my '06 Duramax LBZ.
  I can pull a lot better, drive a lot faster, and I'm saving lots of money that I love to have.   I can guarantee you will love this product.

Evan Bloxom
Breckenride , TX

Well, it's great for towing on that setting....but the extreme setting in my F-250 makes it great to own a 7060 lb. Mustang!!!
  Thanks for the great tech. help, it's #1.

Jason Rodie
Windsor , ON ( Canada )

I have a 2005 Dodge 2500 4x4.   I never would have thought I could get this kind of instant horsepower without nitrous!   Great product, I recommend it to all of my friends!

Scott Pitts
Memphis , TN

This is the best investment I have ever bought!   I have a 2006 Duramax and that thing is BAD NOW!   Thank you Bully Dog!

Castro Valley , CA

Last time I smiled like this I had a 1970 Mustang with 2 - 4 barrel carbs on a tunnel ram. My '05 Cummins with the T-Dog, Performance setting, great all around and awesome mileage! The Extreme, Wow! Crazy Larry....you better call up Goodyear, BFG or one of the skin makers and place and order....wipe that grin off your face!!! (Could be mistaken for my wife's comments!)

Robert Masterson

I installed the combo on my '06.
  It has boosted my fuel mileage to 19.5 around town.   The power and performance is awesome!   The install is a breeze and the connection to the OBDII port is revolutionary.


I just watched Pink's, only one word comes to mind after that... Respect!
  That was just priceless to watch Bully Dog walk all over that other truck, good job!   Thanks for showing everyone what a Cummins can do.

High Ridge , MO

Just recently I bought the programmer, excellent product.   I outran a '02 Dodge who owned another product with my '03 Dodge crew cab dually.   Letís just say he was on EDGE about losing.   He should have gotten of his juice and bought Bully Dog!!!

Kyle McDaniel
Angleton , TX

Hello, I just wanted to thank you guys for the free Tri Before You Buy Download!   It was fun!   We met in Vegas at Mopars on the strip.   You were all so nice and friendly and I enjoyed visiting with all of you.   Thanks also to the cool guy who downloaded the program into my truck.   Please tell him thank you from me.   As for the extra power, lets just say that after I opened my tailgate at our hotel I found all of our bags, suitcases, and a tipped over cooler all piled up at the back, ha ha!!!   Right on!!!   I love my truck and can't wait to get my own Triple Dog Downloader!   I hope you are all doing great and that you had a safe trip back home.   Thanks again for three days of fun with my truck.

Randy Pysyk
Sherwood Park , AL ( Canada )

I put this on my 3500 when it only had about 35,000 miles on it.   It is now pushing nearly 115,000 and it is still running strong with the Power Pup!

Brian Drake
Ft. Worth , TX

I love the power [on the Dodge Triple Dog Outlook Combo]!   The best power and torque you can feel by the seat of your pants the power and the installation was great.

Thomas Motley
Grain Valley , MO

I've been through 90% of the fuel boxes out there; this is by far one of the best out there.   This spools turbos the quickest by far.

Jason Mihlbauer
Phoenix , AZ

Today I received the Bully Dog 6 position 4 bank chip and the power upgrade was incredible.   It gave me a lot more horsepower and torque.

Jake Brady
Sylvester, GA

5" Rapid Flow Exhaust is another great Bully Dog product.
  Super easy installation, all bends line up perfectly, plenty of hangers.   Best of all, it sounds killer, a deep throaty sound that really turns heads.   You don't want this exhaust if you want to be sneaky, but if you want to get noticed, this is the exhaust for you.

Ken Schultz

I currently have one of your six position switches installed on my Ford.
  I love it and it works great.

Chad Mowrey
San Antonio , TX

2006 F-350 6.0L owner: I had a bad experience with a competitor's product and an even worse impression of this competitor's tech staff. So when I was returning the Hyper-defective product, I was skeptical when the dealer recommended Bully Dog as an alternative. I took a chance. Guess what? These products actually work. I was interested in a little extra power for towing, but being able to select a setting that blows smoke and lays four strips of rubber on the road (dually) -- without doing anything more than plugging in a tuner under the dash is truly amazing. I now drive a diesel that is faster than my Dodge SS/T was. The Triple Dog tuner is a miracle in a box. You can't live without this little box, give it a shot. You paid tens of thousands of dollars for your truck, you can afford hundreds to unlock its full potential, and you will grin every time the light turns green, trust me.

Michael Cooley
Atlanta , GA

This Power Pup/OutLook combo is the best; it smoked my tranny in extreme.   That's putting out some serious power.   I am very happy; I've got the fastest Ford in my town, thanks Bully Dog.

Richfield , OH

Thanks Bully Dog, as always I appreciate your help.   I got to tell you, you're company is extremely easy to work with, which is becoming a rare commodity.

Tom Miller

Do not believe what you read about the Triple Dog Downloader, all of the claims and specs are wrong...it's actually better!
  I have never been so happy with a product that not only lives up to its promises, but surpasses them.   So, if you're thinking about making that purchase, stop thinking, just do it!

Ralph Cardone
Santa Clarita , CA

We put this box on our 8320 and it really woke it up!!!   We were pulling a 13 shank ripper 14" deep at 5 mph; with the box on the high setting we are able to speed up to 7 mpg.   Why buy an 8520 when you can have one of these?!

Jon Pigg
Texas Panhandle, TX

This is a way awesome setup, instant three miles per gallon improvement.   Tons more power, I love the Crazy Larry setup.

Will Kilgore
Woods Cross City , UT

The increase in power and the ability to get off the line without any lag is great.   The quicker throttle response was incredible.   I would recommend the Triple Dog Power Pup downloader to anyone who owns a diesel.

Zach Elkins
Casper , WY

I just added the Power Pup downloader along with a 4" turbo back exhaust on my '04 Duramax 2500 HD.   Amazing!   Better mileage and a lot more power.   Thanks Bully Dog, keep up the good work.

David Lund
Centerville , MN

I just purchased the Triple Dog Power Pup downloader for my '04.5 Dodge 1 Ton.   I wish you'd had this product when I had my '99 Dodge.   Unbelievable power!!!   I pull campers for a living, I haven't hooked onto one yet, but I can't wait.   I've been playing with it on the extreme, it is AWESOME!!!   I haven't downloaded the Crazy Larry upgrade yet, but if itís better than it is now, WOW!!!

Kent Dickson
Tipton , OK

This transmission can take a lot of punishment, more then I ever thought it could.   I recently bought the Power Pup and I am now beating Corvettes.   I'm impressed with my Chevy.   This Allison Transmission is a good deal.

Michael Herrera
Pecos , TX

I tried Super chip and hypertech, they were okay, but I tried this Power Pup and I knew immediately that this was the downloader to have.   It produces way more power then the other two; everything works better, nice work Bully Dog.

Billings , MT

The Power Pup is fierce; I put it on my '03 Dodge.   Before I plugged it in I couldn't get my truck to blow black smoke, now I have a lot of smoke and a whole lot of power.   The Power Pup is AWESOME!!!

Dave Allan
Bear, DE

This exhaust is awesome!!!
  I recommend this exhaust to anyone with a 1997 Power Stroke.   Two thumbs up for the people at Bully Dog.

Josh Robinette
Hillsboro , OH

I own a Dodge 3500 4X4 with the 5.9L Cummins engine, and a 5-speed standard transmission. My truck really lugged before I put the Torque Plate in, especially in 4th gear. Now that I've installed the 12V Stage 4 Torque Plate in my truck, I've noticed substantial horsepower gain, as well as increased fuel economy. Thanks to the Torque Plate, my Dodge reacts just like a Dodge 1500. My truck now has better throttle response, increased horsepower and torque especially over 1800RPM. I wouldnít' t hesitate to say that this is one of the cheapest upgrades out there for your 94-98 Dodge diesel pickup with the most gains of horsepower and torque for your buck.

Dave Schlorff
Cannington , ON ( Canada )

I have just installed the Triple Dog and Crazy Larry program; I reached 569 Hp and 1092 ft.-lbs. of torque on the dyno.   What a system!   Who needs a V8 when you can stomp horse power like that.   Keep up the good work!

Scott Stromberg
Grantsville , UT

I recently purchased the 6 position 4 bank chip for my 2000 F-350.   I am amazed at how easy the installation was and the instant power it makes.   I am sold for life on Bully Dog products.   Thank you,

Ronald Pevahouse
Las Vegas , NV

With this plate on the front-end of your vehicle...it says it all,Ē Loyal to some, enemy to none."   Good stuff, keep up the good work.

Yeah, this sticker belongs on my truck.
  I have had bull dogs for over twenty years and I can tell you, they are as loyal and true as the good folks at Bully Dog!!!   Go gang, and keep up the good work!!!

Bob Cook
Wolfville , NC ( Canada )

I've had both a Power Pup for my '03 Duramax, and now a Triple Dog for my '06 Powerstroke.   Excellent job on both programmers.

Pierre Boucher
Vancouver , BC (Cananda)

This has to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen.   All I have changed on my F-350 crew cab 4x4 dually is an Air Box and your Power Pup programmer.   The results are as follows: 0-60 in 5.34 seconds and 13.87 at 92 mph in the quarter mile, amazing. Thank you,

Steve Garrett
Grand Prairie , TX

The Power Pup increased my mileage by 4 miles to the gallon.   Great product!

Richard Gunter, Jr.
Wewoka , OK

I had the test drive installed today; this made the difference of night and day.   It really boosted the go get 'em in my new 2006 F-250.   I am purchasing the full downloader within the next few days.   It is really an awesome program, great job Bully Dog.

Tom Rearick

I installed the exhaust last night and it works great.
  Even though the Ford exhaust is 3.5 inches in diameter, there are a number of restrictions in it that narrow it to 3 inches at some places.   That means the 4 inch exhaust is 78% larger than the stock exhaust.   Exhaust gas temperatures dropped by about 200 degrees in hard acceleration.   I did not notice any difference in the pre-turbo exhaust gas pressure which peaked at 44, starting at 15.   Your boost gauge peaks at 30, starting at 0 so that would indicate the turbo is working well.

Even though there is no restriction in the muffler, there was no significant increase in the exhaust noise.
  Everything fit perfect and I had no trouble installing the new exhaust.   Thanks again.

Joe Holzer

After installing the RFI on my Cummins, I noticed an immediate increase in throttle response.
  The truck was quicker and my EGT's went down to boot!   I highly recommend it!!!

William Liebhard
Albuquerque , NM

I purchased this product and downloaded the Crazy Larry upgrade for my 2006 2500 4x4 and it is just out of this world!!   Outrageous power and excellent mileage when you need it, nothing can compare or get better than this!!!

Boca Raton , FL

Here's a story from one of my dealers that you'll love.

Lee installed a free sample program in his customer's truck because the customer was looking for a little more power for towing his loaded cattle trailer.   A few days later, the man was going up a long grade hauling his loaded cattle trailer and the program reverted to stock in the middle of the hill!   As soon as the customer got unloaded, he went straight to Lee and bought the Triple Dog.

Jim Buckmaster
Waunakee , WI

My '05 Cummins is smoking and out of control.   I really love the Triple Dog Power and to be able to change on the fly.   Thanks again Bully Dog.

Braden Manjarres
Grande , OR

I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an awesome job.   I think I have the fastest Dodge in town.

Renard Ortiz
Pueblo , CO

I have a 06 Dodge 4x4 6 speed that will smoke the dual tire's down in 4th gear from 35 MPH!!!   It's safe to say that the Triple Dog is the most extreme product on the market!

Dan Leas
Stephenville , TX

I just installed a new Triple Dog Power Pup on my Harley F-250 on 38's and my truck FINALLY runs the way I want it to. I had another product and monitor in it for 47,000 miles and hated it b/c of all my tranny problems. My truck NOW shifts like it should under full power. I'm not the only one from our local truck shop switching either. EVERYONE'S making the switch! I am now a FIRM believer in Bully Dog products. Way to go to make such an innovative product. Thanks everyone at Bully Dog.

Harrison Zauke
Jacksonville , FL

Hooked [the Volkswagen TDI module] up and turned it to Max out put.   At 2000 rpm my car took off and went to 4500 rpm in a heartbeat. Its fast and fun, down side is only got 50mpg while testing it out. I would recommend this to anyone with a TDI.

Ed Morgan
San Diego , CA

I Just Wanted To Tell You How Pleased I Am With The Triple Dog Power Pup Downloader. I Watched The Bully Dog Program On The Two Guys Garage Show This Morning And Then Went Right Down To My Dealer And Purchased The Downloader After Trying The Free Temporary Download.   I Was Sold On The First Test Drive !   Then I Went Back Home and Downloaded the Latest Upgrade off The Bully Dog Website and Installed It in the Truck.   How Easy That Was! You Guys Have Really Outdone Yourselves On This One! Keep Up The Good Work. :)

Kennewick , WA

BAM!   This will add some spice to your life.   Putting your foot in it never felt so good.   This [Crazy Larry Dodge Power Pup with Outlook Monitor Combo] is awesome.   I use the performance mode every day all day long with no noticeable tranny slippage.   Better throttle response and really sets you back in the seat.   Puts out a nice puff of smoke when you mash it to the floor but it clears up right away and blasts you down the road... Best upgrade so far.

Bill Sayre

  Recently installed the Ford 6.0L Power Pup Downloader on my '05 Powerstroke and it is both a significant improvement in mileage and power.   This is an excellent product with no adverse affects.

Kain Kennedy
Cedar Park , TX

Bully Dog's GM Gas Power Pup is the best I've tried.   I have used hypertec and superchips before but this one is the easiest/fastest to use and seems to make the most power and ups the mpg.

B. Pauls
MN (
Canada )

Awesome!   I installed the Power Pup Downloader on my Ford 2003 7.3 Power Stroke and only have used the 50 Horse setting so far and it made a VERY noticeable difference in the power and takeoff. It goes like it has a big block gas in it. Now I'm waiting to get my gauges installed to try the higher settings. I also have a turbo back exhaust and a cold air intake installed and an F.A.S.S. system installed too. My truck is a 1 ton FWD and I get 19 MPG.

Ray Ingold
Glen Spey, NY

My '05 Cummins with Bully Dog's Triple Dog Outlook Combo will outrun, out pull any other product on the market. I think its great product and itís a must if you want more power and better fuel mileage if you can keep you foot out of it. Thanks Bully Dog,

Ronnie Hollaway
Canton , TS

Can't beat this Cummins, I bought the Power Pup for my O4 Cummins.   Wow what a difference in power. I don't care about the mileage that much, I just like to race it ha ha. Not one truck in my town can touch it because they all run other products on their trucks. THANKS ALOT.   You will see more Bully Dog products on my truck.

Kellen Cook
Tremonton , UT

I didn't believe it until I saw it.   One night as I was filling up my Dodge pickup at the fuel station, an old friend of mine stop and started smoking the tires in front of me.   I ask him what he had done because a stock engine is not capable of doing what he was doing with his truck.   He had installed one of Bully Dog's Power Pups and boy is that truck fast.

Fidel Cardenas
Homedale , ID

I love [Bully Dog's Triple Dog/Outlook Combo on my 2002 Duramax]. I switched from a hot edge attitude. Tons more power. I think that the personal computer downloading option is the best thing on the market.

Clearfield , UT

This 6 Position 4 Bank Chip has made a big difference in the low end torque of my 7.3L [96 Ford F-350]. I don't have to rev as high as I used to on shifts and I have great power on the hills.

Mark Carter
Redford , NY

XXXTREME POWER!   I have a 04.5 Dodge Automatic and I would have never believed that a 4 Door, 4WD dually could smoke the tires!!!!!   The power is unreal [from the Dodge Power Pup].

Ft. Worth , TX

6" Downturn [is] nice.   I just put one on my '04 Dodge and it really is the finishing piece.   It looks good and was real easy to put on.   I am running a Bully Dog Power Pup in the truck and like it.

Dale W. Dobson
Hodgenville , KY

The [Triple Dog Power Pup Outlook Combo] was well worth the money. In fact I think I could sum it up in two words " HOLD ON " or at least that is what I tell people when I turn up the power. I own a 2005 F-250 Harley Power Stroke and the Power Pup is the best investment I have made on my truck (so far)!!!

Christopher D. Mayfield
Pilot Grove , MO

New, 6.0L [4" Rapid Flow Exhaust] - I was very impressed the first time I stepped on the gas after the install, lowered exhaust temp even with the chip set on level five. Its real horsepower and itís worth ever dollar.

Justin King
Mansfield , TX

Sweet!   It seems to work great.   Will check the mileage if I can keep my foot out of it.   Plenty of Power [on your Dodge 05 Power Pup].


This [Triple Dog downloader] is awesome!!!!!!
  I bought this for my 2005 Dodge Cummins 2500 4x4. I have it set on tow to pull my 28' enclosed race trailer. Now my truck will get me to the sand faster, and use less fuel than any of my friends. Itís great! Performance level is great. Extreme - unreal power!!!

Brody Wells
Willard , UT

Ď05 2500 HD 2 wheel drive with the stock tires. Added a Bully Dog Power Pup and run it on the #1 selection for towing. I tow most of the time a 16 foot enclosed Sport Trailer weighing in at just under 5000 lbs. It's wide and tall. I used to get 12 -13 towing and 18-20 not towing. I know get 15-17 towing and 22-25 not towing. I am really pleased to say the least. I used to have a 02 4 wheel drive 8.1 gas engine with the Allison and got 6-7 towing and 9-11 not towing.

Don Leib

What a difference truck [with your Power Pup Downloader].   The 120hp makes it get and go hard and the hard and quick shifts makes her get and up and go.

Andrew Binch

I purchased a Triple Dog for a 2006 Ford and a 2003 Dodge and you can really tell the difference by the "seat of your pants" The Bully Dog reps at Nashville Engine were great to work with!

Brian Gunter
Scottsville , KY

  I just bought [the Power Pup Triple Dog] for my 05 Ford Diesel.   My truck just takes off now!   Huge difference!   Well worth the money.

Red Deer , AB ( Canada )

Kicks gluteus maximums!
  BBQ will never be the same.   I was blown away by the awesome power [of your Propane Injection System].

Orlando , FL

I tried the Hypertech Programmer and was not impressed with the added power I am now using the Bully Dog 4 Bank chip the power increase is incredible I am very pleased with the performance of my 1999 Ford F350 Crew cab dually I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to make their Powerstroke come to life.

Atlanta , GA

Easy Install [on the Dodge Cummins Big Fuel Kit].
  All the proper fittings, wires & hoses are there.   Really clean install.

John Robinson

I own a 2002 Chevy Duramax 2500.
  Today I just put on the Rapid Flow 4" exhaust.   It is awesome.   I highly recommend this to any diesel truck owner.   Bully Dog Rocks!!!

Sam Gilmer
Nickelsville , VA

[The Power Pup Triple Dog] is awesome.   100% better than edge product "juice" Dyno 485 RWHP and 957 FT LB TQ [On a 2004.5 Dodge].

Clinton , UT  

I just bought a Power Pup and love the performance [on my Duramax]. I got some friends that would like to go with your product after seeing what it did to my truck.

F. Bartholow
Rapid City , SD

Great job on the Power Pup! Trans shift is good under all settings. All the power you need. Good Job!

Jerry T. (6.0L 2005 Power Pup Beta Tester)
Orlando , FL

The [2005 6.0L Powerstroke with your Power Pup Downloader] runs like a dream. Jason took it from 0 to 80mph in 7 seconds. That is in 4x4. In 2x4 it breaks loose and takes 9 seconds. He is telling everyone about it and taking them for the "Disneyland Ride" in it.

N. Hoolsema
Vancouver , BC ( Canada )

I've had the new 6 position chip from Bullydog for a few weeks now. I've had it on the 110hp setting and love the power the whole time. I expected to get better power and the same gas mileage or maybe a small hit on high power. I admit I drove very conservatively but I hit 18 mpg on the last tank fill. I was getting 12 to 14 mpg before. The high horsepower setting lets me get up to speed at a lower RPM level since I'm getting better torque. I really love it and don't plan on using the lower settings except to tow.

T. Rowe
Fountain, CO

I purchased a Power Pup in November '04 for my 04.5 Dodge 2500 CTD and LOVE IT! ... THANKS for a great product!!

J. King
August, GA

I had the Power Pup and the Outlook monitor installed (2005 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab SLT Laramie 4X4 Cummins 610). What a great system!

L. Muir
South Jordan , UT

I would like for you to know that I stomped a 2005 Dodge Cummins with the so called best Edge Module as well as another 2005 Dodge Cummins equipped with a Banks module. I did it with nothing more than a Power Pup downloader on my 05 Cummins this weekend at Mustang Muscle in Villa Ridge , MO. All of the trucks were the same other than miles, mine has 2200 and their trucks had about 4000. Mine made 401 RWP and 756 ft.-lbs. in 6th gear. I would love to make this truck hotter and I do have the Outlook Monitor too. I would also like to thank your dealer, Jeff @ ETR OF Tennessee . He is very knowledgeable about your product lines and his customer service goes above and beyond what you typically experience.

Newburg, MO

I downloaded the Dodge Power Pup today. It is AWESOME! I can't wait to tow the boat with it.

Don Roethler
Bismarck , ND

I just installed the 6-position chip. Let's just say Holy @*#!. More than I expected... Product kicks it. I've been telling everyone.

Tyler Ness
Red Lion, PA

Have I told you how much I like your product? The chip is great. Even better is the Outlook Monitor. I like the way it keeps the temperature from ever getting above 1250. The temperature probe is instant in its readings. Unless I really floor it, the temps always stay low. Your products work great!

Joe Holzer

I just wanted to say that I am really happy with the work that Bully Dog has done with my truck. My friends can't even believe how it runs. I have a chip, intake, injectors, and exhaust... I want people to know that Bully Dog made my truck run this good.

Ryan Kober
Sparta , MI

Got the chip! It exceeds my expectation. My truck is a rocket ship! I am afraid to step on it to hard in fear the tranny won't take it!

Jeff Campbell

I have a 2003 Chevy 2500HD...I have a Bullydog Rapid Flow Exhaust...The RFI intake and the Power Pup downloader...Holy S%*@ does that D%*@ things got some power...I'm definitely hooked on Bully Dog and there is no doubt in my mind that you guys are the best in the diesel business...Thanks again for making my truck a Bully Dog truck.

Michael Schenk
Rydal , PA

Just a quick note guys, I had the opportunity recently to deal with some of your personnel and I would like to thank Shawn in Tech Service and also Don for their efforts in trying to resolve a problem which I have encountered. It is especially important to note they have gone out of their way to help me with answers to questions about your products and also to help with another matter which actually was of no fault with anyone at Bully Dog, I was sold some merchandise that was represented to me as Bully Dog, and found it be from another manufacturer, they helped me to figure this out and I greatly appreciate the patience and understanding that it took to work through this matter. Both of these gentlemen were very professional yet personal and Bully Dog can be proud that men of this caliber are working for them. Thank you very much for your time, and keep up the good work. You can bet that I will be sending anyone I know to Bully Dog.

Thanks Again,
Ronald Andress
Bloomsburg , PA

Dear Bullydog

Thank you for your excellent service. I found everyone I talked to nice and very helpful, something that seems to be lost in a lot of companies today. And the product is very good quality. Thank you Once again.

a Very Satisfied Customer
Troy Keel

This is Larry Olsen. I just wanted to pass on a testimonial on your high performance transmission oil. From the day that I put the transmission oil in my pickup, I saw an increase immediately on the very first tank of 2 mpg improvement. I like to drive fast. I like to pass semis on the freeway and when I do the kick down I want it to jump right in and go. On the dyno it pulls 483 horsepower at the rear wheels. It takes me about 2 seconds to past almost any truck on the road. I feel no slippage from using the oil. We took an oil sample and turned them in and my oil samples came back totally normal at 53,000 miles and that with the way that I drive. I drive 400 to 500 miles every day and I'm passing semis all day long. I feel very confident that your oil is performing better than a lot of other oils. I put the oil in and have been very satisfied. I was getting some slippage in the transmission using the standard oil that came with the truck, but all of that stopped when I started using your oil.

Larry Olsen
Burley, ID

This is Rick at Dave's Diesel. I just want to make sure you knew how much I appreciate all that you have done for us. The Duramax that you did that program on won the pulls up in Wisconsin for the DHRA. I appreciated all of the help and wanted to make sure that you knew what we have done. Have a nice day.

Angola , IN

Hey, this is Glen and I just flipped the switch on my Bully Dog module. Let me tell you, I love this thing. It's awesome. It gives so much horsepower. Listen, if you could make this thing corner like a Porsche I could really have some fun. Thanks again for this cool product.


I just saw your Bulled Elegance on Trucks! TV show, and I was blown away. I can appreciate the thought put into this amazing MONSTER! I don't have any request or any thing, I just wanted to say excellent job on the Elegance truck, and that you have gained a customer for life. THANKS!!!!!

Bobby Hooper, II

Hi, this is [Mr. Banks], and I'm writing to you because I have recently bought some of your products and accessories for my truck, and they are great. They work very well and they were well worth the money. My ride looks and runs a lot better now because of your products. Thank you.

Matthew Banks
Millville , MA

Congratulations to all of you for building great Ford Project Vehicles! While the Ford booth at the SEMA show was nice, it was your great Ford vehicles that stole the show...
Congratulations and thanks once again for your support!

Sandy W.
Ford North American Product Development

Just wanted to let you know how awesome your Powerstroke chip is...although you probably already know! A friend helped me put it in but it was so easy I really didn't need the help and WOW, what a difference! Now I need to get that big mother exhaust so I can crank this baby all the way up!

Thanks again
Los Fresnos , TX

Hello there,

Happy to say I have outfitted my 2002 3500 with a Bullydog 4" exhaust stem to stern. What a great system, sounds awesome. I have had a lot of inquiries about the truck... I'm sure the questions about the great performing/sounding truck won't stop. Thank you.

Signed a very happy customer,
R. Campbell, President
KBAR Contracting LTD
Penticton , BC ( Canada )

Dear Bully Dog:

I recently purchased the 7.3 Power Hound for my 2003 F-250. I was a little skeptical how a little box could make such a huge difference... Last week we took the truck to the strip; the temp was 42 degrees and turned a 15.98 at 93 mph. Just wanted to say thanks for making kick a*@ products.

Steve Vermeersch
Clinton Twp, MI

Dear Bully Dog:

I have everything installed in the truck, which are the filter and the exhaust. Everything fit beautiful. The truck runs awesome. I am very satisfied with everything. I will be in touch with you in the future to get a high horse power chip and set some more things up, because I'm addicted to the horsepower. Thank you.

Kevin Green
Fremont , OH

Dear Bully Dog:

I recently installed on my Duramax your power chip and 4" exhaust. The results are amazing.

Don Carwile
Memphis , TN

Dear Bully Dog:

Thank you very much for the technical diagrams. Your fast and efficient reply will allow me to put my truck back to work that much sooner, which is vital to a working mans truck. I'll continue to support your products and services, and actively pitch them to anyone I come across!

Michael J. Sharron

Dear Bully Dog:

"[We have] two 9750 STS Combines with RAHCO 32% hillside levelers. When equipped with this conversion, they are much heavier than stock. We were constantly fighting horsepower problems, and hydrostat weakness. With your Power Punch modules all these problems were virtually eliminated. Thank you very much, and we hope to continue business with you in the future."

Dormaier Brothers
Edwall , WA

Dear Bully Dog:

"I think your prices are very good and I have found no other shop which either matches your quality or prices."

George Schlaiss
Vienna , VA

Dear Bully Dog Technologies:

"Thank you for the loan of your awesome truck for our 7th grade float in Rockland 's Homecoming parade. It was the hit of the parade and every student in school wanted to ride in it!"

Rockland 7th Grade
Class of 2009

Dear Sirs:

I recently purchased a 3 stage chip (50-75-100HP) for my 2003 7.3 Ford Power Stroke. When I talked to the salesman I asked what this new found power was going to cost me in fuel mileage. When he stated I should pick up about 1-2 MPG I automatically thought, yeah right! Well this is a note to apologize to that salesman. After carefully documenting my base line fuel mileage at 15.2 MPG over an 8500 mile period I installed the chip and started the fuel mileage test again. After a 4500 mile road trip my average fuel economy skyrocketed to 18.7 MPG. Wow, 3.5 MPG and a product that actually did more than it promised! Oh, and did I mention that this truck will now lay rubber until you get bored. In my opinion Bully Dog is one of the few companies that deliver on their promises! I confidently recommend Bully Dog Products to all my customers.

Mike Wood, President
Nitrous Express, Inc.

I have recently purchased a 4 Bank chip and switch. I was so amazed at the performance of my truck! It was almost like I had a new "ROD" on my hands. My fuel mileage went up from 16.5 to 18.5 and the power is unreal. Thank you for the great products and keep them coming.

Keith Allen
Colorado Springs , CO