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Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust

Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust

Bully Dog Technologies’ Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems are designed and built with absolute minimal degree angles on bends. This will create the most free flowing low back pressure system in the industry allowing the turbo to move air more freely, reducing exhaust temperatures. Dyno results have shown a significant gain in horsepower by simply switching from stock to Bully Dog's Rapid Flow Exhaust System.

Available in the following materials:
  • 16-gauge aluminized steel
  • T-304 micro shine stainless steel
  • T-409 stainless steel

The Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems have the lowest degree mandrel bends offering free flowing and low back pressure. This will lower exhaust temperatures by as much as 200 degrees faranheit and provides 10-20 hp increases dependent upon size upgrade and current horsepower output.

Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust Diameters
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