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Bully Dog Triple Dog

The Bully Dog Triple Dog Power Pup Diesel Downloader is the latest and greatest diesel performance programmer that is revolutionizing the diesel performance industry. The Bully Dog Triple Dog is the only diesel downloader on the market that offers you the ability to change power levels on the fly as driving conditions change.  Plus it is internet updateable and upgradeable and has numerous adjustable features included.

And probably one of the most exclusive features of the Bully Dog Triple Dog is that it is the only diesel downloader that can be used to program all three makes: Ford, GM, and Dodge.  So if you switch model years or even brands you can take this one with you.  No more selling it used at auction sites and having to pony up more money for a new diesel programmer or module.  This power pup has it all.  The new Triple Dog Diesel Downloader from Bully Dog Diesel Technologies.  Unleash the power!

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